The life-size figurative works in the Fragments & Alterations series began to develop in spring 2005. This work brings together traditional photography, digital technology and mixed-media elements. Images are sewn and collaged with layers of beeswax and found papers and wood.

The use of sewing patterns in my work creates filmy layers of tone while acting as formal lines through invented space. Originally used as a prescription for creating sheathing for the body, they were discarded, and are now used in no specified order, not representative of any set shape. I combine these with other once set puzzle pieces and reconstruct their meanings in newly found formations

Fragments and Alterations is a visual autobiographical narrative. The pieced, layered, and stitched techniques illustrate feelings of falling apart and holding together. Wax muddles the surface, and creates a translucent barrier of imaginary protection, while the body withdraws into line and shape. Sealed under wax the frenzy is calmed, and the static becomes quiet.