Quiet/Loud at ArtProv Gallery November 15, 2017 - January 20, 2018, Reviewed in Art New England

: : Quiet/Loud : :

Maintaining a sense of self while navigating roles of modern womanhood feels like flying and drowning, in a sustained state of elation, deep exhaustion, and tense bewilderment. Quiet/Loud addresses themes of identity as mother, artist, and individual, while endeavoring to emerge whole from the complicated soup of being human.

In this generation of older parents mothers are expected to maintain their professional status along with nurturer, chef, housekeeper, chauffer, bookkeeper, and event planner. Visualizing the contradiction between asserting an identity as an individual, and being lost in the onslaught of loosing oneself in parenthood is portrayed by being silenced and blinded, of teetering on a precipice populated by broken, disembodied toys. Presenting self-portraits beneath encaustic medium is my way of quieting the penetrating sounds of life while also surrendering to its insistence. The many-step process of creating the works and the overall installation is imbued with both meditative and monotonous motion driven by the need to reconcile the disparity of suffering and love.

Creating the work in Quiet/Loud is my way of finding place, meaning, purpose, and a feeling of time, in place of its actuality.  The capture of self-portraits in motion speaks to the multi-tasking pace of each day, while also visually embodying the connection between conscious, subconscious, and unconscious through action and reaction. Through the depiction of this frenzied motion and the use of fairy tale phrases scrawled on walls I am working to establish a thread between mind, body, and the relentlessness of parenting.

Jessica Burko, December 2017