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My work combines photography and encaustic medium with collected substrates. The imagery consists of fragmented self-portraits and common objects such as keys and toys. The images are transferred into and onto the surface of the encaustic. The many-step process of creating the works—and each installation—is imbued with both meditative and monotonous motion driven by the need to stabilize and reconcile a real and imagined past with a concrete present.

Sidewalks are treasure troves of objects waiting to be transformed with meaning and vision. The influence of found materials in my work goes beyond structural integrity as I contemplate their path and life led before being tossed aside. Wooden panels call for an elevation of stature as carpenter and construction cut-offs, and dresser drawers—once private, intimate spaces yearn to share their personal stories.

Using empty drawers stacked, bundled, isolated or grouped, holding imagery and admired for their unique personalities build feelings of finding, hiding, forgetting, remembering, and abandoning. Their defined walls compartmentalize identity. Within them live what we seek and what we fear. As objects of evacuation, forced or chosen, they represent life disappeared. They embody migration, escape, united with emergence and becoming free.

2018 - ongoing