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Finding, hiding, forgetting, remembering, abandoning. Compartmentalizing identity. What we seek and what we fear. Migrating, escaping, emerging, becoming free. Symbols of forced evacuation and a life disappeared.

Dresser drawers found discarded on curbs and in alleyways were once private spaces reserved for cloth to shield and provide warmth. Often drawers are for storing valuables; papers to be unearthed in emergency, keys to locked rooms and attic treasure. In this new and evolving work the drawers represent moments, memories wanted or feared, separate parts of life and being, coming together and punctuated by points of light and vision.

The installations comprise of reclaimed drawers with original photographs and self-portraits transferred into encaustic medium. The insides of several drawers have been painted with interior latex paint, but most remain in the condition in which they were found.

2018 -